How to name your YouTube page

How to name your YouTube page

We all know the magic of the viral video on YouTube. Once someone likes your video and shares it with everyone and others repost and share it with other social media sites, your video has now created a ‘mind’ of its own. Now once you have that viral video, some will be curious about your YouTube channel or page. Others will subscribe because they want to see more videos that they can like and possibly share. Your YouTube name is very important, because it represents what you are trying to convey. Here are some things to consider:

  • Brainstorm

Give yourself some time to express what you want to on paper with your YouTube page. Discuss the types of topics and services, if you are a business, types of products. You want to find a name that will relate to what your channel will primarily be about. Sometimes YouTube pages are named after the name of the ‘Vlogger’. This is because some are posting videos about themselves and their life. If this is you, you may want to be your own brand as this is what you are trying to show. So why not name the YouTube channel or page after yourself.

  • List important things

While you are brainstorming name ideas about what you are posting, think about what your unique selling point is (USP). Write down some things that define what you may stand for or believe is important. In some cases people are excited about the person or the inspiration behind the videos. You can consider personifying something your inspiration and use that as your page name or a part of your page name.

  • Correlate

Whatever name you decide on make sure it is neither abstract nor ambiguous. An autonomous name may confuse the viewers and sometimes deter them from actually subscribing. This is because they are unclear on what exactly they are subscribing to and why they are subscribing to your page or channel. If your content will be very diverse and cover topics across the spectrum, you must center the medium of the page. For example; if your channel is a compilation of news feeds it should resemble a name that defines a broadcast.

  • Know your viewers taste

Your channel name must not be offensive to the viewers or subscribers. This will give you zero viewership as they will not want to watch videos posted by your channel because they do not agree with your statements or what you believe in. The right name must not create a disconnect with the target of viewers you are trying to reach.


  • Catch a phrase

Make sure your name is not too long to pronounce or remember. Make your name catchy and interesting. Preferably short and easy names are easier to stick and remember. You can use alliterations, play on words, puns and even words that rhyme. As long as your name is still on topic, relatable to your target audience and not offensive your name will catch the viewer.



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